1. The horn comb is almost the most recommended comb at present. The horn comb materials include rhino horn, buffalo horn, yellow ox horn, yak horn, etc. Because it is a product of natural animals, it hardly generates static electricity with the hair, and is relatively gentle in contact with the scalp and does not hurt the scalp. A good horn comb is cool and smooth, and has very little friction with the hair. It protects the hair scales during the combing process and will not make the hair frizzy even after combing the hair multiple times. In addition, ox horn is a Chinese medicine recommended in "Compendium of Materia Medica". When combing the hair, part of its pharmacological effects can promote blood circulation when massaging the brain scalp and head nerves. Frequent combing is very helpful for hair stabilization.

2. Boxwood comb Among all wooden combs, boxwood has been the first choice for comb making since ancient times. Boxwood not only has excellent wood texture, fine texture, and moderate hardness, it is not soft or hard to make combs, but it is also a traditional Chinese medicine. Modern medicine has found that it contains buxin (CH18H21N03), which can inhibit the growth of fungi, so it has a better anti-itch and anti-dandruff effect after combing. Combing your hair with this comb will not hurt your hair, and it also has the effect of removing dandruff and relieving itching.

3. Peach wood comb Peach wood is a sacred tool for warding off evil spirits. In ancient China, there are peach wood amulets, peach wood swords, etc., which are important props for exorcising evil spirits in Taoist culture. In terms of function, the mahogany comb, jujube comb, and bamboo comb are not much different, slightly inferior to the boxwood comb and sandalwood comb, but the mahogany comb has a certain Taoist and exorcism significance. The jujube comb has a good massage effect. More hair care; several different wood combs have their own characteristics in color and texture. You can choose according to your own preferences and needs.

4. Massage combs. The combs that have emerged in recent years have many names, such as "hair care combs", "air cushion combs", "health combs" and so on. One of the biggest features is that the tips of the comb teeth have small balls that can align the head. The skin brings the effect of point massage and reduces the damage of comb teeth to the scalp. The advantage of this comb is that the massage effect is really good, the area is large and the stimulation is strong. The disadvantage is that the comb material is mostly plastic, static electricity is unavoidable, and it is inevitable to tear off some hair. It can be used occasionally, but it is not suitable for combing hair for a long time, especially in winter.

[Suitable comb for gift]

1. Tangle teezer Tangle Teezer is known as "the British palace-level professional hair brush, combing hair smoothly without knotting", the main feature is that the hair is combed without knots, and combed to the end! This comb is well-known in the beauty industry and has a fashionable appearance. It is said to be the favorite of Princess Kate of the United Kingdom. It is very suitable for young and fashionable girls with long hair, and it is also very novel, but because the material of this comb is still only plastic, it seems not so suitable for daily use. When your hair is too long and too thick, it is not easy to dredge. Consider this again in the circumstances.

2. Sandalwood Comb Sandalwood is the noble in the wood. It is hard, fragrant and non-toxic. In ancient times, it was believed to be a symbol of peace and good fortune. There are many sandalwood combs, such as red sandalwood, green sandalwood, black sandalwood, etc., which are very textured after processing. Sandalwood combs are commonly used by ancient officials and nobles, with a long history and cultural flavor, suitable for elders or lovers.

3. Jade combs. Because combs have beautiful meanings, combs made of precious jade or jadeite are also very popular in the market. If it is really good jade, because of its smooth, cool and unique massage effect, it can play a health care effect on the hair, but the function is still not as good as the animal-type material such as horn comb. Now jade combs are mainly used as gifts, especially mini jade combs can be used as pendants, which are more like works of art.

[Comb suitable for health care]

1. The bristle comb is generally a tooth comb made of soft pig bristles. The bristles on the comb can not only remove dust, but also help bring the sebum on the scalp to the body of the hair. This sebum is The best natural conditioner for hair. Often use the mane to comb the hair, massage the scalp well, and the hair becomes shiny and supple, more suitable for people with dry hair.

2. Bianstone comb Bianstone comb is a comb made of Sibin pumice (bianstone). In Chinese medicine health care and TCM health preservation, Bianstone comb can invigorate blood and replenish qi, dredge the meridian, strengthen the body and eliminate evil, and balance yin and yang. It is called holy stone. In modern times, large institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Nuclear Industry, and the National Seismological Administration have also tested the Bianstone, and found that the ultrasonic pulse generated by this type of stone scraping the human body is much higher than that of other stones, and it has an impact on the nervous system and blood circulation. The subtle effect that can be used for health and health care is far from comparable to ordinary combs.

3. Laser combs Laser combs are not a lot of flashy things as imagined. In American medicine, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a relatively mature medical-grade technology. Laser combs use this principle. It emits 650nm visible low-energy soft laser to stimulate the scalp, which can stimulate the growth of hair follicles and is an auxiliary product for the treatment of hair loss. The laser helmet is more powerful than the laser comb. The effect of treating hair loss has been certified by the FDA, so it is very beneficial to use the laser comb to stimulate the scalp regularly.

4. The principle of medicine combing is not complicated, but one function is very practical-medicine application. You can put minoxidil or other hair growth drugs, essences and even essential oils in the comb, and then apply the drugs to the scalp through the electric applicator system built in the comb, which has a certain massage effect.

[Comb suitable for hair style] 1. One of the most commonly used combs for cylinder combs, generally used with hair dryers, which can curl hair and blow off. In addition, the cylindrical comb itself can also be used as an ordinary comb, which is easier to shape the hair than an ordinary comb.

2. Pointed-tail comb This comb is familiar to everyone. Almost every hairdresser uses this comb. The biggest advantage of the pointed-tail comb is that it can be used to wind up the hair, do some braided hair styles, and can also be used to split hair styles.

3. Wide-tooth comb is also called wide-tooth comb, with a large tooth pitch. The wide-tooth comb is actually very useful. Its biggest advantage is that it has low friction on the hair, which avoids the expansion and damage of the hair scales. It is more suitable for people with thick and long hair. You can use a wide-tooth comb to roughly stroke the hair. Shun. The wide-tooth comb is also suitable for people with low hair and hair loss. Because the gap between the teeth is very wide, it will not involve the hair, which reduces the amount of hair loss. If you comb or wash your hair and lose a lot of hair, prepare a wide-toothed comb!

Combs need to be different from person to person

1. If you are a lazy person, just choose the best comb and comb your hair casually. Recommended: horn comb, which is good in any situation.

2. If you have itchy dandruff, recommend: boxwood comb, which has the effect of sterilizing and relieving itching.

3. If you value the massage effect of a comb: horn comb, massage comb.

4. If you want to grow hair by combing your hair: laser combs and drug combs are all things that assist hair growth.

5. If your hair is dry and not shiny: comb the mane.

6. If your hair is fragile, the comb is easy to fall off: a wide-tooth comb, preferably made of horns or horns. If you often need to comb your haircut: a cylinder comb is definitely indispensable! In addition, Tangle Teezer is also good, it can let the hair be combed to the end.

7. If you want to give gifts: wooden combs are generally given, among which sandalwood combs are more expensive. In today's pursuit of health and comfort, plastic combs are not common in life except for hair styles. Although the plastic comb is cheap and easy to use, it has great friction on the hair and is easy to generate static electricity and damage the hair scales. It can be said that the more combed the hair, the worse the hair quality! Combing is closely related to healthy hair growth, so you must have a good comb and a good combing habit! ! !


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